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Choosing the best camping tarp


Spring is upon us, and there's no better time for going camping with friends or family. 

The car's packed;  food, water, sleeping bags, tent, and your brand new tarp to cover it all up...

For campers, there are 2 lines of thinking when it comes to the best tarp and these lines are whether it's Eyelets or D-Rings... Here's what they look like:

The question I'm asked the most is - which is better?

The bottom line is that the brass, reinforced saw-tooth eyelets are stronger than D-Rings.

However, this statement must come with a disclaimer - It depends on how you'll be using the tarp.

If you're using the tarp as a suspended shelter and it's sitting on poles, then the eyelets in our 240gsm Reinforced Poly Tarp will handle the force required to pull the tarp taut.

If you're using the tarp in a tepee configuration, with poles in the middle and and the ends of the tarp fixed to the ground, then D-Rings may be more appropriate. Our 240gsm D-Ring Poly Tarp will handle most tent pegs used for pinning to the ground.

As we're the manufacturer not an importer or re-seller, this gives us a greater understanding of each and every tarp we make. Please feel free to contact us for advice on the best tarp to suit your needs. Remember, every situation is different and with our years of experience we know what we're talking about when it comes to tarps.

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