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Camping Tarpaulins for Australian Conditions - What is the best option?


At discount tarpaulins we're always asked for D Ring Tarpaulins for camping around the Christmas and Easter holiday periods. You'll find most tarpaulins sold in camping stores or hardware stores have D Rings instead of eyelets. Cheaper tarpaulins typically have eyelets but the key difference is they are made of mild steel, plastic or aluminium and are just punched through the tarpaulin seam with no reinforcing. Rubber or plastic corner reinforcing is often used to make the tarp appear stronger but there's no point in reinforcing just the corners as the side eyelets will fail very quickly - tarps will fail at the weakest point, so you really need to reinforce every eyelet.

Our 240gsm heavy duty and 290gsm industrial grades of tarp include a solid nickel plated brass eyelet that won't bend, twist or rust. We sew in a reinforcing patch and then punch the eyelet through that reinforced patch. Our eyelets include a saw tooth washer that also provides six additional secure points around the main eyelet hole to give you the strongest possible tie down point. These eyelets don't twist, or pull and the fabric will typically tear before the eyelet gives way.

In our experience the reinforced eyelets provide a much more secure tie down as the reinforced eyelet exerts more even pressure across the reinforcing patch due to the saw tooth washer piercing and crimping the fabric. When using a tent pole eyelets are the preferred option as the pole supports the tarpaulin sheet around the eyelet and is firmly secured. D rings extend from the edge of the sheet, so there is no support under the sheet fabric itself and this results in much greater movement during wind gusts and storms. D Rings concentrate pressure on the stitching between the webbing and fabric and cause greater movement - which leads to damage. Flapping or whipping is the biggest problem in high winds and this results in ripped tarpaulins. Reinforcing around eyelets is more important on larger tarps as more pressure is exerted by wind gusts on larger sheets.

So next time you need to purchase a camping tarp - steer clear of inferior D Rings and opt for a heavy duty reinforced eyelet tarpaulin from Discount Tarpaulins instead, you'll be impressed with the quality and the performance of your tarp for years to come.

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