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Proudly Australian Owned


Discount Tarps has proudly been Australian owned for more than 10 years. We know the Australian market because we are Australian, live in Australia and keep our profits here.

If you look at the sizes of tarps in all the major retail chains, you'll notice that the sizes are all imperial and crudely converted to metric.

We live in Australia and use the metric system right? that's why all of our tarps are finished in metric sizes with eyelet spacing every 500mm or 1000mm.

Hardware & fittings

These days most people usually blame the tarp if it rips in strong winds when really, its in the rigging. No matter if you have the strongest rip stop canvas fabric available on the market, if it is rigged poorly and allowed to flap, chances are it will rip.Some important tips is to make sure [...]

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Discount Tarpaulins - Biggest Range Best Prices

Here at Discount Tarpaulins we have the largest range of tarps available online. As the manufacturer we offer factory direct prices - we don't pass on any middle-man markups - save $$$ when you order direct.We manufacture our tarps to meet Australian conditions and have an extensive range to suit almost every need. Whether you're [...]

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Choosing the best camping tarp

Spring is upon us, and there's no better time for going camping with friends or family. The car's packed;  food, water, sleeping bags, tent, and your brand new tarp to cover it all up...For campers, there are 2 lines of thinking when it comes to the best tarp and these lines are whether it's Eyelets or [...]

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Poly Tarps - An Insiders View

The History of PolyethylenePolyethylene, like lots of things was first created by accident...The German chemist, Hans von Pechmann was investigating a different chemical when he produced a white waxy substance which his colleagues termed polymethylene. But it wasn't until the late 1930's when Michael Perrin, a chemist from Norwich, England was able to reproduce the [...]

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Clear Tarpaulins - Let there be Light!

Discount Tarpaulins has a huge range of tarpaulins for just about every application and industry across Australia. We're often asked about tarpaulins for creating a shelter from the wind and the rain. PE fabric is ideal for this application but the main drawback with PE (poly) Tarps is they are typically coloured and don't let [...]

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Camping Tarpaulins for Australian Conditions - What is the best option?

At discount tarpaulins we're always asked for D Ring Tarpaulins for camping around the Christmas and Easter holiday periods. You'll find most tarpaulins sold in camping stores or hardware stores have D Rings instead of eyelets. Cheaper tarpaulins typically have eyelets but the key difference is they are made of mild steel, plastic or aluminium [...]

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The best range of Canvas Tarps for Sale

At Discount Tarpaulins we aim to provide the best quality and range. We know it is important you get the best tarps at the best prices. We've expanded our range of Canvas Tarpaulins and now include a range of sizes and grades up to a massive 24oz ripstop canvas tarp.Whether you are looking for a [...]

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What to Look for in Your New Truck Tarp in Australia

A truck tarp in Australia is a must have for every truck owner. Whether you are hauling landscaping waste from your yard or you are in the middle of a move, you need a good truck tarp. The problem is that not all tarps are created equal, and in order to find the right one [...]

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Cover Your Boat with a Heavy Duty Tarp in Australia

There is nothing quite like taking your boat out on the water on a warm, sunny afternoon. Boating allows you to get some much-needed sunshine and fresh air, but no one would say that a boat isn't a big investment. Apart from the initial investment of purchasing the boat itself, it won't be cheap to [...]

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