550gsm Blue PVC Quality Tarpaulin / Tarp

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1.10 KGS
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Product Overview



  • High density polyester base fabric with superior strength weave and UV stabilised PVC coating for excellent weld strength and resistance to cracking
  • Knife coated PVC on base scrim for excellent adhesion
  • Blue colour with gloss laquer for outstanding protection against dirt and stains - wipes clean
  • Industrial grade stiching to reinforce all hems
  • Solid brass eyelets on each corner and every 300mm around the perimeter
  • Totally waterproof - won't rot or leak like canvas and can be patched with PVC cements if punctured
  • Larger sizes available please email us for details!

This Blue PVC Tarp is a quality tarpaulin. Unlike Canvas which requires constant waterproofing and maintenance, PVC will not rot or leak and has exceptional strength for the most demanding transport requirements. This is not a cheap poly or PE tarp - it has exceptional tensile strength and is designed for transport applications. We fabricate truck, rail and shipping covers with this fabric and you can expect years of service from this grade of tarp with daily use.

The PVC coating has an anti fungal additive to ensure it won't rot, even if your tarp is rolled up wet. A gloss lacquer makes cleaning a breeze and dirt just wipes clean or hoses off.

We guarantee only virgin materials are used in the fabrication of our tarps. Cheaper imported products often quote high fabric weights (gsm) but are based on weaker recycled materials with very poor UV resistance.

All listed tarpaulin sizes are 'cut sizes' which is industry standard terminology for the size of the material before it is fabricated into a tarp. The 'finished' size may be up to 3% shorter to allow for seams. Fabric specifications are based on batch average and may vary by +/- 5% due to weaving and laminating tolerances during manufacture. Eyelet spacing will vary from tarp to tarp depending on size and may not be uniform.