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Poly Tarps - An Insiders View


The History of Polyethylene

Polyethylene, like lots of things was first created by accident...

The German chemist, Hans von Pechmann was investigating a different chemical when he produced a white waxy substance which his colleagues termed polymethylene. But it wasn't until the late 1930's when Michael Perrin, a chemist from Norwich, England was able to reproduce the material successfully. The outbreak of WWII forced the suspension of manufacturing and over the next few years, the process was further refined. By 1976 the processes for the manufacture of Polyethylene (there are a few different process available depending on the requirements) were realised. 

Today, Polyethylene is used in various grades across a large range of products and is now the most common plastic available. Polythylene has been used for tarpaulin manufacture since the 1950's and modern technology has refined the process to include UV inhibitors to prevent deterioration by the sun.

Discount Tarps Polyethylene (PE)Poly Tarps

Discount Tarpaulins range of Poly Tarps use all virgin raw polyethylene material which have been UV treated for long-life especially under the Australian Sun. The thickness of the tarp and therefore it's 'weight' is measured in gsm which stands for grams per square metre. This is the key to a successfully tarp purchase... Where the tarp is to be used suspended across large sections, the heaviest grades are the most successful. 

Another important feature are the eyelets (or grommets) used in the tarp. Where a lot of our competitors use cheap, lightweight aluminum eyelets in their heaviest tarps, which will bend under pressure and even pop out!, we use brass saw-tooth eyelets which literally bite into the fabric. Coupled with a reinforcing layer of material inserted into the seam before the eyelets are added, the brass eyelets become strong anchor points for tie-down of the tarp. 

Take a look at our 240gsm reinforced poly tarp and compare it to any competitors "equivalent". Our prices are better - as is the quality! Guaranteed!

Where you require a tarp always buy the heaviest grade your budget will allow for... It's best to spend a little more money than to scrimp and buy a cheap tarp which will fail almost immediately (and runi your camping holiday!).

Discount Tarpaulins are the experts in tarpaulin manufacture in Australia and our experienced staff are happy to provide the advice you need to make your tarp purchase a successful one. Contact us anytime!

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